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PREB: New LUMA invoice meets transparency requirements

Puerto Rico Energy Bureau Chairman Edison Avilés Deliz

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) on Thursday announced a new invoice for LUMA Energy clients that meets the requirements for a transparent invoice as established by law.

PREB Chairman Edison Avilés Deliz said that after months of meetings and presentations by LUMA before the energy regulator and the Independent Office for Consumer Protection (OIPC by its Spanish initials), most of the PREB members approved the new model invoice, which was originally submitted for consideration in September.

“We believe that the approved model invoice will allow the consumer to know the relationship between their electricity service consumption and the rates approved by the Energy Bureau,” Avilés Deliz said. “In addition, it is adjusted for each class of customer and contains a breakdown of the charges that will be billed, which can be easily identified.”

The PREB chairman said that in the process that began in March and lasted until this month, the elements that a transparent invoice must have were evaluated, which, in addition to being clearly drafted, must be of easy follow-up, without the person needing specialized knowledge to understand it.

“We carefully evaluated the model document so that it also presents a billing example for each class of customer,” Avilés Deliz said.

He added that the model invoice identifies in detail the categories of the different charges and consumer credits, including the adjustment for the purchase of fuel, the adjustment for the purchase of energy from energy producers, the credit for net metering, and the contribution in lieu of tax and subsidies created by special laws, in addition to transition and base charges.

Similarly, the model invoice breaks down each of the charges so that each one is easily identified. Likewise, it specifies the due date for paying or objecting to the invoice and warns of the requirement to pay the amount corresponding to the average of the undisputed invoices of the last six months at the time of objecting to the invoice. Additionally, an investigation by the utility company can be requested, all without affecting service.

The invoice also details the process for objecting to charges and the mechanisms available to present the objection, as well as the contact information for the PREB and the OIPC. The model invoice also presents bar graphs with historical information on the customer’s “Cost per kWh” and “consumption history.”

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