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PREPA announces power shortage after breakdown in Palo Seco unit

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) announced Monday that they did not have sufficient generation capacity to meet the demand for electricity due to a breakdown in unit 3 of the Palo Seco power plant.

“We notify our customers that due to a failure in unit 3 of the Palo Seco Power Plant and the repair that continues in unit 2 of Applied Energy Systems (AES), we do not have the generation to meet the forecast of maximum demand for today, Monday,” PREPA said in a written statement.

PREPA technical staff were working during the day to synchronize the electrical system of unit 5 of Central Costa Sur, the utility said. In addition, technical personnel from PREPA were working at unit 1 of the Aguirre Power Plant to increase the generation capacity of that unit.

PREPA technical staff at the Palo Seco Power Plant identified the failure that occurred in unit 3, in the economizer section of the boiler.

“We hope that, during the night [Monday to Tuesday], we will have the required conditions so that personnel can enter the boiler and make the repairs,” PREPA said.

The maximum demand expected for Monday was 2,582 megawatts, according to PREPA.

“As long as this difference in generation is maintained, the Energy Control Center will determine the interruption program that guarantees the stability of the electrical system,” PREPA said. “At the moment, there are no clients out of service due to these conditions.”

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