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PREPA anticipates more blackouts as repairs at plants continue

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) Executive Director Josué Colón Ortiz, along with Mayors Federation Ángel Pérez and Mayors Association President Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, announced Tuesday that blackouts are possible due to outages for upcoming maintenance work at the island’s private power generation plants.

“The generation system is not at its optimum point,” Colón Ortiz said at a press conference. “Service interruptions could occur as long as [plants] are being repaired.”

He added that, in the current last quarter of 2021, the EcoEl Eléctrica and AES units will go out of operation for maintenance. EcoEléctrica will go out in November and AES (Applied Energy Systems) in January 2022.

“[Maintenance must] be carried out in an orderly manner, always ensuring that demand can be met without affecting the energy service to customers,” the PREPA chief said. “As the system is critical, if they do have a mishap there will likely be an outage. We hope that despite the situation, the system will have the backup.”

Colón Ortiz said he met with the presidents of the Mayors Federation and Mayors Association so that there is direct communication with the mayors to inform them of the blackouts and to channel help in their municipalities.

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