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President of Honduras tests positive for Coronavirus

By Frances Robles

The president of Honduras has announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus, joining a small group of world leaders infected in the pandemic that has swept the globe and reached into the halls of power of several governments.

In a televised statement late Tuesday, President Juan Orlando Hernández said his wife and two of his two aides had also become infected. He said that he began feeling unwell over the weekend, and that the diagnosis was confirmed Tuesday.

Hernández said he had been receiving treatment, was well enough to continue working remotely and would be examined to determine the next steps. Doctors recommended rest, he added. He said his wife, Ana García, was positive but asymptomatic.

“I feel enough strength and energy to continue forward and beat this pandemic,” he said. “We are going to get ahead of this. I trust in God, Honduran doctors and medicine.”

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