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Probe of Cupey woman’s death not limited to suicide, prosecutor says

María Paola Hernández Agosto

By The Star Staff

The Department of Justice’s acting chief prosecutor, Jessika Correa González, confirmed Tuesday that the department’s investigation into the cause of the death of María Paola Hernández Agosto is not limited to suicide, but encompasses multiple angles.

“We have not ruled out anything,” Correa González said in a written statement. “The investigation is extensive and includes all possible scenarios. That is the duty of the prosecution, especially in the face of the facts of this case. Our north star is to discover the truth and do justice.”

Hernández Agosto died of a gunshot wound last Friday, Oct. 29. Her husband, José Bobonis, claimed it was a suicide.

According to the police report, in addition to the gunshot wound, Hernández Agosto’s head also had signs of other trauma.

“The expert evidence will be decisive,” the prosecutor said. “We are awaiting the reports from the Institute of Forensic Sciences, while the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office continues to advance other aspects of the investigation.”

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