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Proposal filed to name SEC buildings after former chairman Melecio

Former State Elections Commission Chairman Juan R. Melecio Machuca

By The Star Staff

The central building as well as the operations center of the State Elections Commission (SEC) in Hato Rey will bear the name of former SEC Chairman Juan R. Melecio Machuca if a resolution introduced last Friday by representatives of the New Progressive Party (NPP) is approved, lawmakers said Monday.

“Last Friday we filed Joint Resolution 286 to name the headquarters of the State Elections Commission after Juan R. Melecio Machuca,” said Rep. Juan Oscar Morales during the acts of remembrance for Melecio Machuca, who passed away last week. “I believe that this is the best legacy that we can leave to the democratic process in Puerto Rico, that every time we see this building, Juan R. Melecio comes to mind.”

Both buildings were built during the administration of Melecio Machuca, who was in charge of the SEC from 1991 to 2002.

During the ceremony, his son John Melecio recalled the impact that his father had as a public figure.

“He was always recognized, and what was even greater was that one or more people always came to meet him and thank him for his sincere commitment to the people as a public servant,” Melecio said.

Melecio was a Superior Court judge appointed by former Gov. Rafael Hernández Colón and directed the Office of Legislative Services. In the 1990s, he was nominated as a tripartite consensus candidate to preside over the SEC, a position he held until 2002. After completing his mandate in the SEC, Melecio served as an adviser in electoral campaigns for the New Progressive Party (NPP) and from 2009 to 2013 he directed the Office of Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic.

Flags at public buildings will be at half-mast in his honor through today.

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