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Puerto Rican Heritage Month dedicated to Pan American Grain CEO

José González Freyre, president & CEO of Pan American Grain

By The Star Staff

With the participation of New York City Councilmen, along with state senators and community leaders from New York who traveled to Puerto Rico to participate in the Convention of the organization SOMOS NY, the Committee of the Delegation of Puerto Rico, as part of Puerto Rican Week events and the National Puerto Rican Parade in New York, dedicated its annual “November Puerto Rican Heritage Month” to industrialist and entrepreneur José González Freyre, president & CEO of Pan American Grain.

“For his outstanding social and business work in having become one of the most successful industrialists on the island and for his support of the activities of Puerto Rican Week and the National Puerto Rican Parade in New York, we are recognizing and dedicating to José González Freyre, chief executive officer and president of Pan American Grain, the certificate delivery activity that happens to be the most important event held by the Puerto Rico Delegation. which travels annually to the ‘Big Apple’ to participate in the largest Hispanic cultural event in the United States, which takes place on Fifth Avenue,” said José J. Taboada de Jesús, president of the Puerto Rico Police Members Association and organizer of the event.

Senate President José Luis Dalmau Santiago and Lorraine Cortés Vázquez, former president of the board of directors of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade Inc., also presented awards to Lymaris Albors Sánchez (CEO Acacia Networks NY), Monserrate Flores Jiménez (co-founder of Desfile Puertorriqueña NY), and Antonio Fas Alzamora (a former president of the Puerto Rico Senate).

“Every day hundreds of colleagues, all Puerto Ricans, get up to work in our companies, especially in Pan American Grain, focused on giving their best for our country,” González Freyre said. “Our companies within the food industry provide food supply to the country and create a livelihood for hundreds of employees and service companies, but above all we make a difference fighting to help those less fortunate who need a helping hand. We will continue to support the defense of our culture and the work done by the Committee of the Puerto Rico Delegation … because we believe that it is an activity that raising our flag, unites the diaspora that decided to move to the United States while clearly determined to maintain their identity as children of this land. We are united by many things, but what stands out most is the pride in our single-star flag, the flag of Puerto Rico, so I appreciate this distinction …”

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