Ramírez de Ferrer to present Republican pro-statehood delegates

By The Star Staff

Statehood advocate Miriam Ramírez de Ferrer will present today during the birthday celebration of José Celso Barbosa a delegation of Republican Party members that will lobby for statehood and, she said, end the perception that Puerto Rico would be a Democratic Party bastion if it were to become a state.

The presentation will take place in the afternoon at Plaza Barbosa in Santurce.

Ramírez de Ferrer is engaging in the effort apart from the island’s official Republican Party, which she said “is controlled by the Fonalledas [family]” and is only interested in protecting its own interests. She is expected to make another announcement at today’s activity but declined to reveal it out of fear that the island GOP will try to meddle.

Ramírez de Ferrer said she is concerned that the current government headed by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia is too close to the Democratic Party and therefore is fueling the belief within the Republican Party that if Puerto Rico becomes a state, it will bring more Democratic Party members to Congress. Pierluisi is a Democrat, but Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón is a Republican.

“The Republican Party supports Puerto Rico statehood in its platform,” she said.

“The truth is that our beliefs and values are closer to those of the Republican Party,” she added. “In Puerto Rico, most people go to church and are opposed to abortion.”

Ramírez de Ferrer did not have much to say regarding her views on the congressional delegation selected in a special vote in May that will lobby for statehood. She said she did not know what they were doing.

“Have they gotten paid?” she asked.

The Pro-Statehood Civil Society, meanwhile, will hold a ceremony at the María Magdalena de Pazzis cemetery in Old San Juan at 10 a.m.

Irma Rodríguez, from the civil organization Puerto Rico Chose Statehood, reported that a wreath will be delivered at the memorial ceremony, which will feature Luis Ángel Ruiz Quirindongo, executive president of Luis A. Ferré Humanist Thought, as the keynote speaker.

Quirindongo will review the most significant aspects of the life of the island hero Barbosa and his fight for statehood for Puerto Rico.

“As a civil society that believes in statehood for the island, we take advantage of historical instances such as the birth of Barbosa to educate and raise awareness about the ideal and the unceasing struggle that we carry on,” Rodríguez said.

Other civil organizations will attend the event, such as Renacer Ideológico Estadista and its president Luis Matos, and the Pastoral Alliance for Puerto Rico, as well as the grandson of Santiago Iglesias Pantín, a well known politician, workers leader and organizer of the first socialist party in Puerto Rico.

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