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Recount confirms Nieves as new mayor of Aguas Buenas

At right, New Progressive Party Electoral Commissioner Vanessa Santo Domingo

By John McPhaul

The New Progressive Party (NPP) concluded at noon on Monday the recounting of votes for the special election in Aguas Buenas, with Sunday’s leading vote-getter Karina Nieves Serrano emerging as the mayor-elect.

Meanwhile, the scrutiny of the special election for mayor of Humacao was confirmed by NPP Electoral Commissioner Vanessa Santo Domingo.

The processes were carried out in the Operations Center at the State Elections Commission (CEE by its Spanish initials).

“The process concluded that Karina Nieves was democratically elected by the town of Aguas Buenas,” Santo Domingo said in a written statement.

She also announced that the results of the vote are available on the CEE website ( ).

The total number of ballots awarded in the Aguas Buenas mayoral election was 2,725. Two ballots were blank and one was nullified. Nieves Serrano received 1,131 votes, for 41.5 percent of the votes cast. She was followed by Carlos “Cidrita” Aponte with 1,080 votes, Miguel Rodríguez with 362, Efraín Ocasio with 145 and Rosa Vázquez with 7.

Both processes began at 9 a.m., for which a group of 30 people was present, including the candidates’ observers. Inmate votes were adjudicated and added by hand.

In the case of Humacao, the total number of ballots awarded was 4,273. Four ballots were blank and one was nullified. Julio Geigel had 42.86 percent of the votes cast (1,827). He was followed by Alejandro Martínez with 1,691 votes, José Miguel de Jesús with 519, Adalberto López with 156, José López Perdomo with 56 and Néstor Torres with 11.

“We appreciate the commitment of all the electoral officials who contributed so that the electoral work was successful and gave way to democracy in the Special Election,” Santo Domingo said. “Definitely, once again the NPP [officials] demonstrated professionalism in these processes, which tend to arouse passions among the candidates, but once the call is over, it is always for party unity.”

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