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Recreation & Sports Dept. issues policy for safe practices amid heat wave

Recreation & Sports Secretary Ray Quiñones Vázquez

By The Star Staff

Given the protracted period of high temperatures the island has been experiencing, Recreation and Sports (DRD by its Spanish initials) Secretary Ray Quiñones Vázquez issued an administrative memo earlier this week on the implementation of safety measures to combat the effect of the heat wave on sports practices.

“We issued this memo for the purpose of strengthening the safety provisions contemplated in the ‘Regulations for the Protection of Minors in Sport’ in order to promote the necessary measures to combat the heat wave during sports practices,” the DRD chief said in a written statement Monday. “As we know, high temperatures can lead to dehydration and serious illnesses can develop as a consequence. That is why we need to keep our children and young people who practice sports protected to avoid worse situations.”

According to the agency memo (2023-001), it is recommended that sports organizations and coaches adopt safety measures such as establishing water oases and taking hydration periods every 15 minutes. A consumption of four ounces of water is recommended in each period, for which tents or booths should be installed. The use of sun protection equipment, including caps, glasses and microfiber shirts, should be allowed.

In addition, it is recommended that when a sports activity takes place in indoor facilities with very high temperatures and limited ventilation, sports organizations and coaches should adopt the necessary safety measures for such a scenario.

“I trust in the faithful fulfillment of these guidelines and in the cooperation of our sports community to ensure the health and safety of our children and young athletes,” the secretary said.

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