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Reflection encouraged on International Working Women’s Day

By The Star Staff

Amárilis Pagán Jiménez, the executive director of Proyecto Matria, is inviting the public to celebrate the International Day of Working Women on Wednesday.

“The world moves because there are women who work, provide care, educate and more,” Pagán said in a written statement. “On March 8, we invite the country to commemorate the International Day of Working Women by reflecting on how women move the world.”

She called for a collective reflection in which people can participate from wherever they are.

“Women move the world from homes and communities,” Pagán said. “We move the world in workspaces: industries, businesses, and universities. And we also move the world with the free and paid care work that sustains our children and society. This collective reflection is a manifestation of solidarity from those same spaces: home, work or school.”

“On March 8 we will celebrate the energy and work of all women. Even those who are sometimes invisible because they are engaged in tasks of care and support for family welfare,” Pagán said. “All that effort has a value and is necessary for our economy to move.”

Enid Pérez Rodríguez, Matria’s public policy coordinator, noted that people from all over the island are invited to create groups to meet in their own spaces at home or work that day.

“The reflection recognizes that not everyone can mobilize to marches or other types of activities,” she said. “There are so many women whose ability to leave their homes and jobs is limited. We want them to join, from wherever they are, an activity in which they will be the protagonists because they only need reflection and the desire to read it.”

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