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Regulator approves $335 million in energy infrastructure investments

Puerto Rico Energy Bureau Chairman Edison Aviles Deliz

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau Rico (PRE B) has approved some $335 million in investments for the island’s energy infrastructure.

“On this occasion, the commissioners have given their approval to several important projects, emphasizing the much-needed connectivity of applications and systems that will support and promote a better distribution of energy, as well as the development and implementation of cyber resilience,” PREB Chairman Edison Aviles Deliz. “Certainly this is another step toward the development and transformation of the electrical energy system given that for operations, the interaction of the [Puerto Rico Electric Power] Authority and LUMA [Energy] is extremely critical.”

From the Resolution and Order it can be deduced that of the $355.1 million approved on this occasion, $24.4 million is intended for cybersecurity projects, $330 million for the telecommunications network and the rest for the removal of the Isla Grande substation, which at this time is not in operation. The substation space is slated to house a voltage converter.

Since June of last year, the PREB, which is part of the Public Service Regulatory Board, has approved particular projects and permanent improvements to the energy generation and distribution systems that exceed $9.7 billion.

“At the Energy Bureau we will continue to pay attention to the progress and extension of the work plans of LUMA and the Electric Power Authority to promote both renewable energy such as reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, with our mission continuing to be achieving resilience, effectiveness and efficiency in the generation and distribution of the energy that moves Puerto Rico,” Avilés Deliz said.

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