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Renovated spa to host Night of San Juan celebration in Aguada

By The Star Staff

Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés Feliciano announced Sunday that everything is ready for the traditional Night of San Juan celebration at the refurbished Pico de Piedra Spa on PR-115.

“On Sunday, June 23, we will have a big celebration starting at 6:30 p.m. with the music of singers iLe, Elysanij, Yary Antonieta, Favela, and DJ Evol,” the mayor said. “The production has been entrusted to Midnight Express and a great night of celebration is promised.”

Audiences know iLe, the stage name of Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar, as a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who started in the music industry in her adolescence as the female voice of Calle 13, a musical group of which she was part along with her half-brothers, René Pérez Joglar “Residente” (on her mother’s side) and Eduardo Cabra “Visitante” (on her father’s side).

His first solo production, entitled “Ilevitable” (2016), won a Grammy the following year in the category Best Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. She was also nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist.

Last year, Mayor Cortés Feliciano announced that Pico de Piedra underwent renovations to be in shape for public use at the start of this summer season.

“We have complied with this project, which had an investment of $613,000 and consists of important improvements, from the removal and installation of tiles and wood siding and trim, painting in all facilities, to the installation of new lighting in the parking lot, among others,” Cortés Feliciano said. “They are first-class facilities, as the people of Aguadeño and visitors deserve.”

The Night of San Juan, also known as the Eve of San Juan, is the celebration that takes place annually on the eve of the Christian feast of the birth of San Juan Bautista, after whom the capital of Puerto Rico is named, on June 24. He is the only saint in Catholicism who is not commemorated by the Catholic Church on the day of his death. Instead he is annually commemorated on the day of his birth, six months before Jesus Christ.

Traditionally, families and groups of friends come to the spas to cool off from the summer heat. The most common practice is to dive backwards several times into the sea, in odd numbers, since they are associated with fortune and good luck. The celebration is the perfect opportunity for a night of sand and water, among friends and family, the mayor said.

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