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Renowned actor Yoyo Boing, 93, working on educational/tourism project for island west

Sen. Ada García Montes and noted actor Luis Antonio Rivera, better known as Yoyo Boing

By The Star Staff

The renowned actor Luis Antonio Rivera, better known as Yoyo Boing, has joined Mayagüez District Sen. Ada García Montes in an educational and tourism project for the west of the island that they hope to launch before the end of the year.

The project seeks to present different icons of each of the 12 municipalities that form the Senate district that García Montes represents, in order to promote tourism in the region in an entertaining and educational way.

“Starting a new project always fills me with enthusiasm, even more when through it the values, customs and traditions that characterize us as a people are highlighted,” said Yoyo Boing, who turned 93 last Sunday. “I thank Senator Ada García and Senate President José Luis Dalmau for this opportunity to continue to serve and entertain the people. It is a source of pride and an honor to be part of this work team.”

At least 12 educational capsules of culture and tourism on topics of interest to all the municipalities in the Mayagüez-Aguadilla District are part of the project, which focuses on creating tourist reviews whereby the natural resources of each town are highlighted, along with notable historical data, information on gastronomic offerings and the relevant tourism offer in general.

“I am excited about this new project that I can share with the renowned and talented actor and comedian, Yoyo Boing, who at 93 years old still radiates energy and desire to contribute to his country,” García Montes said. “Nourishing ourselves with his wisdom and experience will be enriching for this project, which includes reviews of touristic value of each of the municipalities that comprise the District of Mayagüez.”

“It is a project that will become an essential resource for both the educational system in the west and Puerto Rico, as well as for the tourism development of the region,” she added.

The senator, who also chairs the Senate Education, Tourism and Culture Committee, praised Yoyo Boing’s experience in radio, television and theater, experience to which he adds his career and active participation in the programs “Desde mi pueblo” and “Puertorriqueñísimo.”

“These life experiences are key to the development of the project that we hope to present in a few months, both to the west and to all of Puerto Rico,” García Montes said. “Talking to Yoyo is to learn more about the elements that characterize each of the 78 municipalities of our island. I am sure that the result of our effort will benefit the west and Puerto Rico.”

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