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Rep. Méndez recognizes 20 men ahead of Father’s Day

Carlos Beltrán

By The Star Staff

A week before the celebration of Father’s Day, the New Progressive Party minority leader in the House of Representatives Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Nuñez, paid tribute over the weekend to more than 20 distinguished men who have left their mark on various sectors of society.

“As part of the celebration of Father’s Day, this year we identified a unique platform to recognize the work of 23 men, all fathers, who have set an example in their communities for their work, not only professionally, but also helping in their communities. Their commitment to making a difference is cause for recognition,” said Méndez Nuñez, the House District 36 representative (Río Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba, Vieques and Culebra).

The tribute, held in the Hall of Heroes in the Capitol, was attended by former Major League Baseball star Carlos Beltrán, who highlighted the importance of volunteer work in favor of communities.

“We thank each of the parents recognized in this activity for their work and work in favor of those who need it most,” Méndez Nuñez said. “Negative news tends to monopolize the news, but his deeds in support of the communities of Río Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba, Vieques and Culebra deserve gratitude and recognition; that’s why we developed this activity, to celebrate his legacy together.”

During the recognition, the former House speaker delivered congratulatory motions, while Beltrán’s career on and off the diamond was commemorated.

Beltrán, considered one of the all-time top players from Puerto Rico, began his decorated career in the majors in 1998 and retired in 2017.

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