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Rep. Morales: Record doesn’t support CVM House candidate’s claims on SJ District 3 vote count

By John McPhaul


Rep. Juan Oscar Morales on Monday rejected a report released by Citizen Victory Movement (CVM) candidate for the House of Representatives Eva Prados regarding the number of votes she obtained at a polling station in District 3 of San Juan.

“Since the process began, I gave the space to conclude the counting of the votes of 100 percent of the polling stations and I waited until I heard the official results issued by the State Elections Commission [SEC],” said Morales, the incumbent San Juan District 3 representative, in a written statement. “Sometimes the numbers were favorable to me and sometimes they were not. In the end, those results give me the advantage by 128 votes.”

“But I have to clarify information that the CVM candidate is spreading,” the New Progressive Party lawmaker added. “When she talks about Unit 19, she is missing the truth. We have evidence that in that electoral unit she obtained only one vote. The record was signed by Mrs. Prados’ official who was in that unit, without alleging any irregularity. It is not until after the SEC published the results that these arguments were raised.”

“The minutes even provide for the official to note if there are irregularities. The record is so valuable that it can be used even in court,” Morales continued. “If the people who allegedly told her they voted for her did so, their votes would be totaled on the receipt for the machine that was used in that unit. And the evidence we have shows that this is not correct.”

The legislator said that throughout the vote counting process at the close of election day in that unit, there was representation from the CVM, who validated the processes by signing the minutes.

“I even have to establish that in that very polling station Mrs. Prados did not have an official on the day of the event and it was agreed that the person appointed as electoral coordinator would serve as an official within the polling station,” Morales said. “This person was present from 9 in the morning until the end of the electoral event.”

“With great humility I receive the decision of the people,” he said. “Now it is my turn to continue working for all the constituents of District 3.”

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