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Repaving work begins in San Juan port zone

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Ports Authority Executive Director Joel A. Pizá Batiz announced Tuesday that asphalt work has begun on Avenida C in Puerto Nuevo.

Last October, Ports formalized a contract for a project to repave the access roads to the cargo docks in Puerto Nuevo.

When detailing the scheduled work, Pizá Batiz said it will include the removal of old asphalt and resurfacing of several affected areas on the route to and from the loading docks.

“Some 85% of the cargo entering the country moves through these ports, which is why it is a priority for us to promote the mobility of tractor trailers that enter and leave this port area by land,” Pizá Batiz said.

“With these improvements, we fulfill our duty to provide and manage optimal and safe facilities for the cargo and transportation industry, and we will also provide a better experience for all personnel related to the maritime cargo industry that pass daily through our facilities and their access routes,” he added.

The Ports chief said the work will not affect cargo operations, since it will be done when there is less traffic to and from the docks.

In addition, he urged truck drivers and the general public to be attentive to traffic signals and other devices that will be installed in the area for their safety and guidance, while requesting patience with “the inconveniences that this work may cause partially, but the benefit to the commercial and economic activity of Puerto Rico will be significant …”

Pizá Batiz also announced that, as part of the initiatives, the Ports Authority requested funds from the U.S. Maritime Administration for the maintenance of maritime infrastructure.

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