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Representative urges passage of veterans’ privilege signage in commercial centers

By John McPhaul

Days before the celebration of Veterans Day, the representative for José Enrique ‘Quiquito’ Meléndez, recalled that the Chamber of Representatives have before their consideration a measure that would force everything commerce in Puerto Rico place a sign describing the benefits, discounts and offers that extend to Puerto Rican veterans.

The House Bill 1257 was filed on March 10, 2022 and which is under evaluation by the Federal Relations Commission, International, Status and Veteran.

The measure amends Article 4 of Law 203-2007 (Bill of Rights of the Puerto Rican Veteran of the XXI Century) to provide that every commercial establishment, from where a person, natural or legal, supplier of goods and Services shall have the obligation to design and place in a visible place, a sign, through which to advertise all kinds of privileges, discounts or special offers which, as an institutional policy of trade, extend to them the veterans.

“Our Veterans, like any other consumer, go out daily to perform a countless purchases, either to acquire items for themselves or for others. In tune with this, multiple chains and commercial establishments in Puerto Rico, offer active military and veterans and their families, different privileges so they can buy products in their stores with Discounts. However, these special promotions aimed at active military members, or veterans, reservists and family members are not properly disclosed. Occasionally, requires the person to ask, and even give the impression that they are pleading for something, for which the store understood itself to privilege, which creates a stigma against the beneficiary,” reads the Explanatory Memorandum of the piece legislative.

“This Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly, in its commitment to honor Puerto Rican veterans, considers necessary the approval of this Law, which seeks to save them time and money during the realization of their purchases. It is also our Intention, to recognize all our veterans, in attention to their service in the Armed Forces of the United States,” the New Progressive Party representative concluded.

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