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Representative urges Senate to pass bill terminating LUMA contract

Luis Raúl Torres Cruz, called today on the Senate to pass House Joint Resolution 315 (RCC 315), which orders the cancellation of the LUMA Energy contract.

By John McPhaul

Chairman of the Development Commission Economic, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy Committee of the House of Representatives, Luis Raúl Torres Cruz, called today on the Senate to pass House Joint Resolution 315 (RCC 315), which orders the cancellation of the LUMA Energy contract.

In a letter in which he details the investigative work of the Committee that he leads, the Legislator for District 2 of San Juan, specified that through this investigation several reports, resolutions and bills have been generated to amend the

laws of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), the Authority for Public Private Partnerships, from the Energy Bureau and even to order the termination of the contract between the PREPA and LUMA Energy.

“On Tuesday, April 18, 2022, RCC 315 was approved with 29 votes in favor of the delegations of representatives of the Popular Democratic Party, PDP), Partido Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Citizen Movement Party (MC) Party the Dignity Project Party (PD).

Unfortunately, the Resolution had 16 votes against from the Delegation of the New Progressive Party. Now, it is before the consideration of the Senate and our exhortation to our brothers and sisters of the sister body is that they

approve to terminate a contract, which from its origins, was disastrous for the country,” said Torres Cruz.

n the other hand, the Popular Democratic Party legislator indicated that “in the face of unsustainable deficiencies and

several instances of non-compliance with contractual provisions in which Luma Energy has incurred, the House of Representatives assumed the duty to exercise the authority provided by Article III of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”

As a consequence of this, he pointed out that “they have the moral duty and the obligation to order the termination of this contract and pass the administration of the transmission and distribution system to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.

Meanwhile, lawmakers should legislate to establish a new organizational structure to manage the electricity system of the Island.

Torres Cruz reported that the findings of the investigation range from serious conflicts of interest, to clear breaches of contractual provisions.

LUMA Energy took control of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Transmission and Distribution System.

Rico, on June 1, 2021; Since then, this corporation has confronted several problems and deficiencies in its service that range from conflicts of interest to total blackouts that have caused million-dollar losses in the island’s economy.

“These situations represent risks to the life of our most vulnerable population and

they affect the quality of life of Puerto Ricans,” he stated.

“We hope that the Senate will do the right thing and pass this resolution. Our people cannot continue to suffer from the inability that LUMA Energy has shown in the management of the country’s electricity system. Therefore, I appeal to the wisdom of the senators and so that we defend the interests of our people, putting an end, once and for all, to this contract,” concluded the Representative.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi has indicated that he would veto the bill.

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