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Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González to win 2nd term

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

New Progressive Party (NPP) Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González takes the lead with a wide margin on the resident commissioner race for the 2020 General Elections, making González become the first female resident commissioner to have a second term on the seat, leaving behind Popular Democratic Party Resident Commissioner Candidate, former governor Anibal Acevedo Vilá at his second attempt.

González’s campaign director Francisco Domenech requested at 8:38 pm for the PDP Resident Commissioner Candidate to accept his defeat over González as she has a wider advantage against him.

Furthermore, Domenech said that González has had a double-digit advantage over her PDP opponent, which he added that “in any league, in any political race, in Puerto Rico, in the United States, in Timbuktu, that’s a big win.”

“What I see is a validation of the serious surveys that were done during this process, validation from the numbers that we have been reading, where the commissioner, with the number of entered votes that she has received, which are the ones cast at the polling centers, she maintains an advantage over Acevedo Vilá over 10 points, that’s an extremely comfortable advantage,” he said.

Meanwhile, Caridad Pierluisi said that, along with NPP Gubernatorial Candidate Pedro Pierluisi, which has taken the lead in the gubernatorial race, “they will become the team to bring all federal funds to work for Puerto Rico.”

Meanwhile, preceding Acevedo Vilá, Citizen Victory Movement Resident Commissioner Candidate Zayira Jordán Conde placed third on her first attempt at the U.S Congress seat. Meanwhile, amid leaving a good impression during the only Resident Commissioner debate, Dignity Project Resident Commissioner Candidate Ada Norah Henriquez placed fourth in the electoral race; however, Puerto Rican Independence Party Resident Commissioner Candidate Luis Roberto Piñero fell to the bottom.

As for the Statehood Plebiscite, citizens have answered Yes for statehood.

At press time, with 224,500 votes cast, 121,822 answered Yes to an immediate annexation with the United States, which consists of 54%. Meanwhile, around 102,678 have said no to statehood.

This is not the first attempt during the four-year term to achieve statehood for the island, as the government held a statehood referendum on June 11, 2017, where 97% of voters overwhelmingly supported statehood amid having only 22% of the electoral participation.

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