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Resilience-themed Women’s Economic Forum Caribbean will have 150 speakers

By The Star Staff

One hundred and fifty female experts will speak at the Women’s Economic Forum Caribbean (WEF Caribbean) in San Juan from Nov. 16 to Nov. 18.

The experts will speak on various topics but will focus their talks on resilience to promote the efficient management of public and private sustainable policies and the transformation of innovative, intelligent and inclusive territories. Other topics are educational trends, job opportunities, economic growth, technology, innovation, politics and health.

In charge of the opening of WEF Caribbean 2022 will be the organization’s director, Johanna Salgado, who will explain what WEF Caribbean is and why resilience was chosen as the main theme this time. Marilina Wayland, chancellor of Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, in her capacity as host of the event will talk about women’s empowerment through knowledge.

During the event there will be eight panels on mental health and entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, politics, leadership, sustainability, digital marketing, competitiveness and cooperation. Speakers will also talk about inspiration and learning about the current state of women and their direction for the future, business, supporting women-founded businesses and initiatives by exposing them to a broader audience and promoting job opportunities.

The WEF Caribbean aims to implement actions that support women’s economic progress and development through networking and connections. In addition, 16 thematic conferences, eight workshops and four conversations will take place. In total, there will be about 90 sessions on various topics.

The event, geared toward women and youth, foundations, non-governmental organizations, influencers, media and government institutions, is expected to attract around 900 attendees from Puerto Rico and different parts of the world.

According to the event’s organizers, the idea is to share firsthand initiatives, knowledge, entrepreneurship and efforts made by different women leaders and governments throughout the region to generate changes to improve the quality of life within their communities.

The technology theme will have a special agenda, with topics such as the future of technology belonging to women, the challenge of overcoming the digital divide and the impact on society, women in the 4.0 revolution, and executive competencies for digital transformation. There will also be talks about the metaverse, AI, data and cloud computing; opportunities in financial technology for women entrepreneurs; reimagining the post-pandemic world; and the human face of transformation.

It is the second consecutive year that the event has focused on the Caribbean. The venue for the meetings will be the Inter-American University at the Puerto Rico Metro Campus and has the option of connecting virtually.

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