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Resolution filed to divulge minutes of meetings involving lawyer Santamaría

Rep. José Rivera Madera

By John McPhaul

Rep. José “Cheito” Rivera Madera called Thursday for the approval of a resolution with the objective that the Puerto Rico Financial Fiscal Agency and Advisory Authority (AAFAF by its Spanish initials) divulge the minutes of the meetings in which now-suspended attorney Oscar Santamaría Torres, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the United States District Court in Puerto Rico, participated.

Also on hand for the filing of the measure, House Resolution (HR) 633, were its co-authors, Rep. Orlando Aponte Rosario, who chairs the House Legal Committee, and Rep. Ángel Fourquet Cordero (Ponce).

HR 633 has the immediate purpose of ordering that, within five working days after its approval, the certified minutes of meetings, votes cast and decisions in which Santamaría Torres participated as a member of the AAFAF board of directors be divulged.

“As a result of the alarming events revealed by Mr. Santamaría, and about which he admitted corrupt behavior, taking advantage of his positions and his closeness to circles of power, this body has the moral and ethical duty to decipher and determine the scope of the actions, recommendations, ideas and suggestions of this man in the government agencies to which he belonged,” Rivera Madera said.

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