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Revelación Moda: The hunt for the next big name in fashion begins

Hosts Ivonne Orsini and Isaac Johan Photo by Giovan Cordero Veo Veo Studio Fashion: Kriado and José Raúl

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Attention fashion designers, fashionistas and fashion lovers. Telemundo Puerto Rico and San Juan Moda announced the return of Puerto Rico’s best and most reputable fashion reality show, “Revelación Moda.” The 13-week show is scheduled to begin in early March.

“Revelación Moda” provides emerging fashion designers on the island a unique opportunity to show the audience their talent while competing against each other week after week. They are required to develop and create their best designs in weekly challenges designed to test their craftsmanship, originality, creativity, time management and emotional skills. These challenges may include specialized themes, high-profile clients or unconventional looks, among others.

Designers will work the pieces of clothing at Carlota Alfaro’s atelier in San Juan. Alfaro, a returning mentor to the show, is Puerto Rico’s most respected and prolific fashion designer. The garments designed by the competitors will be presented and judged at a runway show each week. They are provided a limited amount of time to finish their designs. Each week a designer is eliminated, reducing the group to three, who will face each other in the final episode when they will be asked to create a complete fall winter collection. Among other prizes, the winner will get access to a commercial space in a local mall to sell his or her fashion line. Winning garments could be featured in social networks and print media, displayed at local boutiques or sold at San Juan Moda’s online sites.

“This is the best thing to happen to the fashion industry. This show not only helps designers, but fashion models, makeup artists, stylists … everybody participates and everybody wins,” Alfaro said at the press conference. “I look forward to mentoring the designers, supporting them in every way I can and helping them with tips and recommendations. These days designers must be prepared, properly trained and focused. It’s a very competitive industry out there.”

The panel of judges includes knowledgeable and respected fashion critics and connoisseurs: fashion expert and socialite Annette Vaillant, lifestyles editor and content producer Julio Nuñez, fashion designer Eddie Guerrero and savvy influencer Miss Gala. Along with Alfaro, designers will be mentored by stylists Claudia Madrid and Michelle Rodríguez. The reality show will be hosted by television presenter and model Ivonne Orsini, and fashion designer and former “Revelación Moda” contestant Isaac Johan.The Designers

Out of 86 applications, the San Juan Moda casting directors selected 13 participants from all over the island. The chosen designers are: Yamil Rivera Quiñones, Miguel Figueroa Bruno, Eileen Acevedo Vega, Luised Rodríguez Castro, Nannette Fontanés Menchaca, Jimmy Joseph Ruiz, Celibeth Ramos González, Adriana María Arroyave Muñoz, Edmarie Leiliani Díaz Ramos, Christian Reyes Mitchell, William Murphy Guitard, Julio Alfredo Sánchez Estrada and Meily Fernández Cordero.

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