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RFP issued for telecommunications infrastructure resiliency projects

Enrique Völckers-Nin, executive director of the Smart Island program

By The Star Staff

Enrique Völckers-Nin, executive director of the Smart Island program, announced Wednesday the publication of a request for proposals (RFP) seeking projects to facilitate reliable and resilient power and reinforced infrastructure for key telecommunications facilities.

The goal is to minimize the loss of internet connectivity and telecommunications in Puerto Rico. The deadline for the RFP is June 2, 2023.

The projects presented to implement the systems in this first phase, which has an allocation of $15 million, must be designed for swift implementation, Völckers-Nin said in a written statement.

“We all know that the energy and telecommunications infrastructure in Puerto Rico faces great challenges,” he said. “The Government of Puerto Rico has directed various projects focused on strengthening these systems, and with this RFP we seek to identify those proponents that can both develop and implement projects that allow us to maintain a robust and resilient infrastructure.”

He added that “we all remember that after Hurricane Maria, we were left incommunicado.”

“Governor Pedro Pierluisi has been emphatic that this situation cannot be repeated and it is crucial to prioritize the development of resilient energy and infrastructure that can withstand these challenges and keep our communities connected, informed and safe, ultimately improving the overall quality of the Internet connectivity of Puerto Ricans, especially in times of disaster,” Völckers-Nin said. “This grant program also covers security infrastructure for key telecommunications sites.”

The proposals must include details on the design and installation of projects that can provide uninterrupted power to telecommunications facilities, as well as their fuel storage and distribution systems with a minimum capacity of 10 days of continuous operation. Also included must be details on the implementation and operation of monitoring and control systems that can remotely monitor the performance of the power infrastructure and detect any problems before they cause service interruptions.

Likewise, the proposals must contain information on the development and execution of training for the proponent’s technical personnel on the operation and maintenance of the resilient energy infrastructure, as well as details on the design and implementation of the security infrastructure in the installation of telecommunications, among other details.

Funding for the program comes from the Puerto Rico Broadband or Smart Island Program, under the Office of Management and Budget. Smart Island was created by Pierluisi through Executive Order 2022-40 on July 11, 2022. The main purpose of the program is to coordinate, authorize and execute the disbursement of local and federal funds allocated to the construction of broadband infrastructure in Puerto Rico.

Those interested in submitting proposals should do so through More information about the Puerto Rico Broadband Program can be found at (

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