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Rights agreement signed for Roberto Clemente biopic

Three streaming platforms, Disney, Amazon Prime and Netflix, have reportedly shown interest in a biopic series about Puerto Rican baseball icon Roberto Clemente.

By The Star Staff

Phoenix Media & Entertainment, the media division of the Puerto Rican company The Phoenix Fund, has signed an agreement with the family of Roberto Clemente Walker for the production of a biographical drama series, or “biopic,” about the life of the iconic Puerto Rican baseball player.

As part of the agreement, the image rights and the story of the life of Roberto Clemente Walker are to be transferred to the company between the parties to produce a “biopic” series of six to eight episodes of one hour each. Phoenix Media & Entertainment will represent those rights and begin development and commercialization of the project.

Present at an event announcing the project late last week were one of the Puerto Rican star’s sons, Luis Roberto Clemente, representing the Clemente family, The Phoenix Fund CEO Francisco J. Rivera Fernández, the adviser to the fund’s board of directors, Alejandro Asmar, and main adviser Carlos Valle. Also on hand were Phoenix Media & Entertainment fund official Jorge Rojas Buscaglia and the project’s executive producer, Ángel Cassani.

“On behalf of the Clemente family, we are very excited about this partnership with The Phoenix Fund, for what it represents and because it is aligned with what the family has always wanted to achieve, to keep alive the image of our father, Roberto Clemente,” Luis Roberto Clemente said Friday in a written statement. “We want his story to inspire new generations because of how he led his life and career, and how he represented all Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans at a time when opportunities were scarce, and when our father used sports as the means to carry his message. We understand that with this collaboration we will have an active role in shaping his story as it happened. As we always say, fans are fanatics for how little they know. Through this effort, we will be able to make his story known without having to edit and leave out many of the crucial anecdotes of his life. This is due to the ‘biopic’ format, which will allow the story to be transmitted in various chapters and seasons, if it merits it. The Phoenix Fund, for what it represents, we believe that it is a great ally to continue enhancing the value of Puerto Ricans and all they have to offer.”

Several documentaries and short films have been made on Roberto Clemente, but no project of this magnitude has ever been produced. It should be noted that although past film projects about Clemente’s life have been chosen by Disney Pictures, Sony Entertainment and Legendary Pictures, none were ever realized. Phoenix Media & Entertainment, as a Puerto Rican entity for the economic development and international projection of Puerto Rico, understands that the time has come to make Roberto Clemente’s life, talent and legacy of service known to the world and new generations, the younger Clemente said.

He noted that three streaming platforms, Disney, Amazon Prime and Netflix, have already shown interest in the project.

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