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Rivera Lassén sues to protect resident commissioner candidacy

Sen. Ana Irma Rivera Lassén

By The Star Staff

Sen. Ana Irma Rivera Lassén, general coordinator of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) and the party’s candidate for resident commissioner, has filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent the State Elections Commission (SEC) from refusing to certify her candidacy and prevent her from appearing on the ballot in the general election.

“At the MVC we have had to defend our existence from day one, the latest [instance] being the undemocratic decision of the [Puerto Rico] Supreme Court to disqualify four of our five national candidates. The crudest example is that traditional parties and their institutions are capable of doing the unthinkable in order to try to eliminate the political opposition and avoid the change that the country demands so much,” Rivera Lassén said. “Faced with this reality, we have taken a step forward to prevent the SEC from trying once again to hinder my candidacy. The position to which I aspire is a federal one and, having complied with all the requirements imposed by federal law, the SEC has no power to prevent me from appearing on the ballot in the next elections.”

Rivera Lassén affirmed that she meets the three requirements listed by the Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act for the position of resident commissioner: being a bonafide citizen of the United States, being at least 25 years old, and knowing how to read and write in English.

The Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunction asks the court to confirm that any attempt by the SEC to prevent her candidacy and/or block her from appearing on the ballot is void. She also requests that it be prohibited from disqualifying her for the alleged failure to collect endorsements, since it is not a federal requirement to aspire to the resident commissioner post. The complaint further requests that the court issue an injunction to prevent the SEC from obstructing Rivera Lassén’s candidacy in any way.

“The only thing the State Elections Commission can do in any case is to certify that the Citizen Victory Movement chose me as its candidate for resident commissioner,” the senator said.

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