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Robot: Celebrating 25 years of service in a big way

By The Star Staff

There is no doubt that perseverance, honesty and discipline are the keys to keeping a product on the market that has no competition in quality, service and cost.

Many good things have come through these 25 years that have revolutionized the health and cleaning market. Hospitals, hotels, government agencies, cleaning companies and many other private companies enjoy the benefits that our Robot cleaning system offers them, bearing its motto as a goal and honor: “If your problem is pollution, at Robot, we have the solution.”

Technology continues to be part of the changes in our system, facilitating the work of cleaning and sanitation. In the midst of all the health situations that our society faces, Robot continues to be the best option to keep the areas at home and in the office free from contamination. With the Robot system, you can accomplish all your household cleaning while saving time and effort since now the system has a timer and variable speeds for even easier use. You can program it and let it sanitize and decontaminate areas without any human effort.

At this time, Robot has a completely redesigned system and a group of duly trained representatives to provide good service to each and every one of its clients in Puerto Rico and the mainland United States. Thanks to the great participation that Robot management has had in the development of new products and their acceptance in the market, cleaning system manufacturer Turmix has awarded us number one at the company level.

For these reasons we recommend the Robot cleaning system, which is especially useful for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or respiratory problems caused by mites, Saharan dust and other pollutants in the environment, and skin problems such as itching and hives.

Just call Robot de Puerto Rico at 787-855-3530 and you will receive totally free and in the comfort of your home or office, the orientation for our Robot cleaning system. And don´t forget: “If your problem is pollution, at Robot, we have the solution.”

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