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Rodríguez García gets 62 years for murder of elderly couple in Naguabo

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández (Griselle Rosario)

By The Star Staff

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández announced Thursday that Jenniel Alexander Rodríguez García was sentenced to serve 62 years in prison after pleading guilty to murdering an elderly couple in the municipality of Naguabo.

“The people of Puerto Rico were shocked by the atrocious and violent crime committed by this young man who was only 18 years old,” the justice secretary said in a written statement. “Perversity and evil were seen in the actions of Rodríguez García. Our elderly population must be protected by everyone. Our older adults deserve to live in an environment of love, tranquility and protection. I extend my solidarity to the family and loved ones of this couple.”

“I recognize the work of the team of prosecutors and police officers who worked tirelessly to achieve justice for the victims of this crime and that this vile crime will not go unpunished,” he added.

Judge Marielis Rosario of the Humacao Court handed down a sentence of 50 years for the crime of second-degree murder and 12 years for violation of the Weapons Law, which totals 62 years in prison that will be served consecutively. She also sentenced Rodríguez García to 15 years for aggravated arson, 20 years for aggravated robbery and three years for destruction of evidence, to be served concurrently.

Rodríguez García murdered Henry Irizarry, 75, and Genevive Rodríguez, 80, when he was discovered trying to steal a motor vehicle that was at the couple’s residence. The now convicted man was a neighbor of the couple.

Prosecutors Yamil Juarbe, Miguel García, Jaime Perea and Rosa Molina, assigned to the Humacao Prosecutor’s Office, presented expert and documentary evidence to prove Rodríguez García’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Rodríguez García accepted having committed the acts through a pre-agreed allegation with the prosecutor’s office.

“Today we did justice to Mr. Henry Irizarry, Mrs. Genevive Rodríguez and their entire family,” Juarbe said. “With this prison sentence our victims can have the peace of mind that there is one less murderer on the street.”

The investigation was led by agent José Caraballo Molina of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau’s Homicide Division.

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