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Safety first at Aguadilla’s signature beaches

By The Star Staff

Compared to many states, going to the beach is a common practice in Puerto Rico as the island is small enough so that for most people, the nearest “playa” is no more than 30 minutes away. However, while beaches may be beautiful, they are also part of nature, and nature can be unpredictable.

In addition to that, some beachgoers ride boats and jet skis, vehicles that can be very dangerous for people who are in the water simply bathing. The municipality of Aguadilla has taken this into consideration and its mayor, Julio Roldán Concepción, has announced the installation of maritime buoys at the popular Crashboat and Breakwater beaches, which will demarcate the areas for bathers and separate them from the water vehicles that visit the beaches.

Roldán pointed out that “Aguadilla has a series of areas and beaches of great interest to those who visit.”

“It is our duty as a municipal administration to offer the people of Aguadilla and those who visit us the enjoyment of these places, considering safety as the first element,” he said. “It is for this reason we undertook the task of holding conversations with the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to receive their recommendations on the acquisition and installation of the buoys.”

“Crashboat and Breakwater are two of the beaches where hundreds of people come every weekend,” the mayor continued. “On these beaches, where a variety of events and beach activities are held, especially during the summer season, we have observed a significant increase in maritime vessels that use as anchorage the same areas where bathers come to spend a day with their family. This raised the flag with the members of our Maritime Unit, who expressed the urgent need to place [the buoys] to avoid a risky environment for all those involved. The safety of our visitors and residents is of utmost importance, and these new maritime buoys seek to address this concern effectively.”

With an approximate cost of $45,000, the buoys will establish a clearly delimited space for bathers and another for boats, resulting in bathers enjoying the crystal-clear waters and golden sand without worries. At the same time, the boaters will be able to operate safely without interfering with the activities of those who visit the Aguadilla sands.

“The safety and comfort of our visitors and residents are of utmost importance to us,” Roldán said. “With the installation of these maritime buoys, we are taking concrete measures to ensure a safe and pleasant environment on our beaches, promoting a balance between recreational activities on the water and responsible navigation.”

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