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Salinas area motorists eligible for toll credit due to storm damage

Highways and Transportation Authority Executive Director Edwin González Montalvo

By The Star Staff

Highways and Transportation Authority Executive Director Edwin González Montalvo announced Sunday that residents and drivers from several communities in Salinas that were impacted by the closure of a section of PR-1 highway, as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Fiona, will receive credit for toll payments made at the main toll plaza of Salinas from Sept. 18 until further notice.

“We recognize the difficulties that the partial closure of this road can generate and the toll costs it can cause,” González Montalvo in a written statement. “That is why we have been working together with the mayor of Salinas to develop this program, in which citizens can make the claim [for relief] in the easiest and simplest way.”

Drivers eligible for AutoExpreso credit are residents of the communities of Vertero, Monte Grande, Mateí, Naranjo, Parcelas Vázquez, Palmas, Majada, Plena, Reparto Santa Fe, Sabana Llana, Rancho Guayama, Jajomé Baja and Pueblita del Carmen.

Once the start of the process is announced, drivers will be able to go to the municipal office, where they will be required to complete a form to request reimbursement as credit. To be eligible, they must present an electricity or water bill, which serves to validate the physical address. Drivers working or studying in those communities will be required to present certification of employment or study as evidence.

Drivers who need to renew their inspection sticker and have an outstanding debt can go to the Salinas municipal office to begin the reimbursement process if necessary.

It is important that users have their AutoExpreso account registered. As previously reported, no fines will be issued for toll transactions accrued starting April 16 of this year, until further notice.

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