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San Germán celebrates Mother’s Day, with special nods

San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera

By The Star Staff

“Gratitude to Máma in Old San Germán!” was the name of an emotional activity on Saturday night with which the Municipality of San Germán highlighted its older mothers and those with the largest number of children, in the midst of many surprises.

The event took place in Plazuela Santo Domingo, which had been prepared for artisans, and Plaza Francisco Mariano Quiñones, where there were also artisans, along with food kiosks, a bazaar and boutiques, among many other attractions. It was also the place where those present enjoyed the stage performances of Grupo Caobaná and Señorío Ponceño, a concept that brought into the present the romantic dances of the past with celebrities. Those in attendance sang, until they couldn’t any longer, along with a mariachi band that delighted and pleased the audience with the most famous songs of the Mexican repertoire.

“Tonight we celebrate Mom, the most valuable work of art on display at the Museum of Modern Art. Life. … Without it, without a doubt, there would be no existence at all. … Thank you all for your gigantic contribution to the world and, of course, for your unconditional love,” said San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera, who presented publicly the protagonist of his life, to whom he said “thank you for everything you have done, always, for your beloved children.”

“For us, in our beloved City of San Germán, it is extremely important to give a good and well-deserved tribute to the queen of the house, Mom,” the mayor said. “On this occasion, we’re highlighting the gigantic contribution of the longest-lived mothers of our people and who, fortunately, we still have among us.

He congratulated all the winners, among whom one has given birth to no fewer than 17 children.

Dominga Vázquez, from Residencial El Recreo and who in June will be 101 years old, was one of the mothers honored. Others were paid tribute at 93 and 88 years old, respectively.

“Boy, but you’re more handsome in person,” said one of the evening’s honorees, referring to the mayor and immediately provoking laughter from the crowd.

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