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San Germán launches volunteer cleanup campaign

By The Star Staff

San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera on Wednesday officially announced the start of a cleanup campaign called “With Boots On in Your Neighborhood,” to which he invites “all residents and sectors to participate and lend a hand” in the southwestern town’s various communities.

“Our initiative will come to life on Saturdays, in the neighborhoods and fields, where there are many different situations with green areas,” he said.

“Throughout this hurricane season, the reality is that we’ve had a surprising amount of rainfall. … More than usual in previous years,” the mayor said. “And this is what we have to do. Responsibly we must add that temperatures have been extremely high, so extreme heat has been the order of the day. This has caused weeds to grow, more than usual, on the sides of many of our roads.”

Despite the fact that the Municipal Public Works Department and cleaning brigades work daily and tirelessly in the various parts of San Germán, “honestly our employees can no longer cope because they also have to attend to all the demanding situations in our urban area,” the mayor said.

“In fact, this Saturday, October 21, 2023, we will begin, at 7:00 in the morning, in Rosario Alto, Rosario Peñón and Poblado Rosario, where all our directors of the different municipal agencies will also be present,” Olivera said.

He invited community leaders, merchants, nonprofit organizations and churches, among other entities, to join the initiative.

Every Saturday, all the cleaning and beautification teams “will be part of our hurricane of cleanliness, meaning diggers and garbage trucks, among many others,” the mayor said.

“We want the community to join in and, if it comes from the heart, to bring us water, coffee and even some kind of food,” Olivera said. “We hope you will join us and support this great initiative. San Germán belongs to everyone!”

“We will be cutting down the weeds and collecting garbage, among many other things,” the mayor said, inviting people to “meet, this Saturday, in the vicinity of the Flor de Loto business, in the Rosario Village. … Then, we’ll go to the different places.”

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