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San Germán renames theater in honor of singer Luz Celenia Tirado

By The Star Staff

Keeping in mind the great legacy left by the immortal Luz Celenia Tirado, better known in the local and international musical field as “La Dama de la Trova,” San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera announced Tuesday that “our iconic Teatro Sol will be known, from now on, as Teatro Sol Luz Celenia Tirado.”

“Honor to whom honor is due,” the mayor said. “Officially, and full of joy, we announce to you that our historic municipal theater will be renamed the Sol Luz Celenia Tirado Theater.”

“Soon we will be giving life to a public activity, in which we will highlight the life and undeniable legacy of the so-called ‘Lady of the Trova,’” Olivera added. “This is our posthumous tribute to this beloved and distinguished daughter of San Juan.”

Tirado, meanwhile, served as director of the Municipality of San Germán’s Department of Cultural Relations in 1972. Later, she served for 19 years as director of the Mayagüez Troubadour Children’s School.

Tirado died on the morning of May 30, 2022, at the age of 93.

“Although she was born in the beloved sister town of Guánica, Luz Celenia always felt a very deep love for our City of San Germán,” the mayor said. “She proclaimed herself a pure Sangerma. … The producers always presented her as ‘La Dama de la Trova.’ … She took her art to Hispanic theaters in New York City, among many other places, where standing ovations were the order of the day.”

“The peasant song was always paramount in her extensive repertoire,” Olivera noted. “With a clear, melodious and fine-tuned voice, Luz Celenia Tirado also stood out for being an excellent improviser. In addition, as the creator of beautiful boleros and ‘criollo waltzes,’ with Odilio González (“El Jibarito de Lares”) as the most faithful interpreter of them.”

The San Germán Municipal Legislature, meanwhile, unanimously approved the name of Teatro Sol Luz Celenia Tirado under Ordinance No. 1 (2022-2023 series).

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