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San Germán to boost Christmas bonus for municipal workers

San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera


San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera officially announced Wednesday that “our municipal employees will be seeing an increase in their ‘Christmas Bonus,’ which, this new fiscal year 2023-2024, will reach $700.”

In the meantime, “and as soon as next month, we will be handing out, also to our employees, a ‘Summer Bonus’ of $250,” the mayor added.

Olivera went on to say that “these will not be the only benefits that our beloved and respected employees of the different municipal agencies will receive.”

“We’ll also be individually contributing another $25 a month to their health plan coverage,” he said.

“Once again we present to our Municipal Legislature a highly balanced budget (of $13,506,843) and, better yet, without any deficit,” the mayor said. “In San Germán, once again, and since we have been in charge of the seat [January 2020], today we can happily announce that we are not operating in the red!”

Olivera extended thanks to “our municipal colleagues for their great commitment to the residents of our beloved City of Las Lomas and to our respected legislators for approving the legislation unanimously.”

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