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San Germán to have its first specialized sports school

By The Star Staff

San Germán Mayor Virgilio Olivera Olivera announced Monday that “our municipality will have its first Specialized Sports School.”

The project, which has already passed into the hands of the members of the municipal assembly, “will be innovative and will have the already experienced direction of the members of the Remington Christian Academy in the facilities of the Galo Rosado Second Unit School (closed since 2017),” the mayor said in a written statement.

“We always think of the best for our respected and beloved people of the City of San Germán,” Olivera said, referring to the collaborative agreement with the community of Sabana Eneas, where the new school is to be located, and a nonprofit sports entity.

“This school is Christian, bilingual and specializes in the sport of baseball, among others,” the mayor said. “It seems to me, in advance, that the project is excellent for the Community of Sabana Eneas and for all of San Germán. … This project revolves exclusively around first-class Christian, bilingual and sports education. … This is the first Specialized School in baseball and other sports, so it equals economic development in the community.”

As part of the agreement, the school will be used as a shelter in case of an atmospheric disaster, and the Sabana Eneas Community Council will manage and safeguard the onsite materials during the use of the facilities. The council, as required in the lease, will prioritize the hiring of the residents of the community, and the corporation will allow the school to be used as a voting center at State Elections Commission election events, among other terms.

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