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San Juan collects 154 tons of garbage

By John McPhaul


As part of the work carried out in San Juan during his first day in city hall, Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo announced Wednesday that some 154 tons of rubble and garbage were collected in various areas of the island capital.

“Yesterday [Tuesday] was made up of several commitments in the capital city, but from now on we have started with the collection of debris that the people of San Juan need so much,” Romero Lugo said in a written statement. “About 154 tons were collected; even though the work was not complete, we will continue tomorrow with what we have pending.”

With the collection effort continuing Wednesday, the mayor said “it is important to start the work that our municipality requires from now on, in addition to starting the administrative work in favor of the public policy that we seek to implement.”

“There is a lot of work to be done and we are ready to execute it,” he said.

The impacted areas include the green areas of Muñoz Rivera Avenue behind Mercantil Plaza, near the Venezuela neighborhood and along Paseo Caribe; along the San Juan Park marginal; along the Muñoz Rivera Avenue marginal toward San Juan; and on Ponce de León Avenue from Gándara toward San Juan, from Stop 26 toward San Juan and from Stop 18 toward San Juan.

In addition, crews worked along Fernández Juncos Avenue from Puerta de Tierra out of San Juan and from the Convention Center toward Río Piedras, and along highway PR-21 from the Martínez Nadal train station. Other sectors where trash was collected include the Plaza del Quinto Centenario, Plaza de Armas, Calle San Sebastián, Plaza Colón and the La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, as well as Puerta de Tierra, the San José neighborhood, Barrio Obrero and sectors of Condado and Miramar.

The mayor’s first morning in city hall began with a breakfast with municipal employees. Later, Father Benjamín A. Pérez Cruz, who officiated the Eucharist at the beginning of the municipal mandate, was at city hall to offer the blessing to the mayor’s office.

Romero Lugo later moved on to the Municipal Tower on Carlos Chardón Avenue to meet the staff, tour the offices and discuss their functions.

“It is important that we touch base with each of the employees who will accompany us on this day,” the mayor said. “Likewise, it is pertinent that they feel that they are part of the transformation of our Capital City, since their efforts will be part of our work.”

Also on Tuesday, Romero Lugo had his first meeting with the municipal Cabinet, in order to discuss the work plans whose execution has already begun.

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