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San Juan embarks on $26 million street repavement program

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo said the Tus Calles al Día program is the largest municipal road resurfacing initiative in the capital city’s history. (Photo Courtesy of the Municipality of San Juan)

By John McPhaul

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo on Sunday announced the Tus Calles al Día program, the largest municipal road resurfacing initiative in the capital city’s history, with an investment of over $26 million in which 203 linear miles of streets, avenues and roads will be paved.

“Working to improve the conditions of our streets, avenues and municipal roads is the priority in terms of infrastructure,” the mayor said. “The condition in which municipal roads have been left has no precedent. [Tending to] the streets of the people of San Juan was a commitment that I made before the elections and I am pleased to announce that we have already begun to fulfill it.”

Romero added that “for yours truly, priorities are demonstrated not by speaking, but by acting.”

“That is why we have made the determination to allocate an amount of economic resources that has never been achieved before in the history of San Juan,” he said. “We are talking about more than $26 million in this fiscal year so that in a massive and consistent way, we begin to repair our streets and roads in all areas of our capital.

“Road infrastructure is an essential part of economic development,” Romero Lugo added. “We cannot attract investment to San Juan or Puerto Rico with public roads that impede transportation. We have important structures, but without public transportation routes that provide safety and streamline services, we cannot aspire to have a solid economy with the quality of life that our citizens deserve.”

The mayor specified that the program will impact roads, streets and, in the last phase, avenues. “We are adopting state areas; however, it is necessary that the improvements are consistent with our vision of the city and for this it is necessary to leave the territorial limits and meet the needs of San Juan,” he said.

Likewise, he announced that Tus Calles al Día will be divided into four phases in which an average of 227,272 tons of asphalt will be used. He also noted that the allocation is the highest in the history of the municipality to resurface and repair roads. All this is in addition to the renovation work that has already begun, which includes the repair of Calle Fortaleza in Old San Juan.

Romero Lugo said to meet the expectations of time and need of the initiative, which is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022 and in which some 657 municipal roads will be impacted, different companies will be hired based on the city’s five geographical areas. The contracted companies are Super Asphalt Pavement Corp, Puerto Rico Asphalt LLC, Professional Asphalt LLC, and Stella Construction Group LLC.

“The municipality will also have personnel in charge of the measurement, documentation and monitoring of the work,” the mayor said. “The projects were assigned in an equitable way to each company so that they can meet the compliance dates and quality metrics.”

Romero Lugo emphasized the imperative need to address the situation of public roads.

“The streets of San Juan are in frank deterioration, after years of not receiving adequate maintenance,” he said. “As of September 15, 5,763 complaints had been received for patching, paving and resurfacing.”

Raúl García, director of the Department of Public Works noted that “an analysis developed by the Municipality identified that San Juan has 29.55 linear miles of avenues, 688.70 linear miles of streets and 85.96 linear miles of roads.”

“Of these, it was shown that 65% of the streets, 75% of the roads and 55% of the avenues are in poor condition,” he said.

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