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San Juan Moda: dictates holiday trends, tips for 2021

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Just when you thought the fury of hurricanes, earthquakes and the fear of the global pandemic had robbed local fashion designers of hope and inspiration, they got up and showed the world that strength and vision was never lost.

In fact they have been creating new designs, developing new lines and selling the accessory of seasons to come: facial masks.

Championed by San Juan Moda, 17 local fashion designers and some 250 models recently presented the 14th Edition of the event, dedicated to Harry Robles.

The collections were presented at the fabulous and modern Coca Cola Music Hall at the Convention District in Miramar, San Juan. Due to the current regulations regarding COVID -19, clients and the public were not allowed inside to see the catwalks. Only specialized media and selected industry insiders, who were tested for the virus, were allowed inside.

Take it from someone who has had the privilege of seeing many collections over many years...these ones are to remember. The air was filled with a powerful yet quiet feeling. The scale of emotions, ran the gamut from tears of joy to laughter. But no hugs. A super strong and positive vibe captured the immense facility as these talented people, who make a living in this industry by the thousands had not seen each other in months.

Fashion is essential. It is essential to the workers who put food on the table because of these jobs, and it is essential for both designers and art lovers who set trends and make a decent living, stitch by stitch.

Designers presented volume in puffy sleeves and wide trousers, feminine neck bows, lace, mini skirts, A-line skirts, thigh high boots, ankle boots and metallic stilettos. We also loved the sequined sheaths in black, multicolor, lavender and intense tones of blue with plunging necklaces. Contrasting Peter Pan collars matched with minis, and many pallets are winners as are geometrical patterns, bright yellow pieces and embroidered lace. Each detail gave extra glamour to the fantastic shows.

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