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San Juan muni legislator targets recycling program for review

San Juan municipal legislator Manuel Calderón Cerame


Manuel Calderón Cerame, the spokesman for the Popular Democratic Party in the San Juan Municipal Legislature, filed an investigative resolution Sunday to look at the current status of the municipal recycling program.

“Recycling programs feel like they need to be monitored to make them work properly,” Calderón Cerame said. “In that sense, it seems right to investigate if the companies contracted to provide adequate services with these tons of recycled material in the Municipality of San Juan and also do it correctly and in compliance with state and federal requirements.”

The PDP spokesman in the island capital made a statement in a radio interview a few days ago about the absence of an aggressive recycling plan at the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián earlier this month.

“The fiestas were very good and that is recognized, but if something was absent it was the lack of an aggressive recycling program and the raising of awareness about the consumption of plastic,” Calderón Cerame said.

In the resolution introduced in the municipal legislature, he points out the lack of an efficient awareness campaign against climate change, clear information on the days in which recycling program personnel go out to collect material in the communities of San Juan, and regular inspections of the companies contracted with the municipality for those purposes.

“We are going to make sure that things are done well, and that the thousands of San Juan residents who every day separate paper from plastic and glass in their respective boxes have the certainty that their effort is not in vain,” Calderón Cerame said.

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