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San Juan muni police to receive raise of $250 per month

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo

By The Star Staff

As of the first fortnight of January 2022, some 762 municipal police officers -- the entire municipal police force -- will receive a salary increase of at least $250 a month, San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo says.

Romero announced late last week that the basic entry-level salary for the municipal police will increase from $2,000 to $ 2,400 per month, which implies a 20% increase in the salary of a member of the force.

“We have addressed the issue of security for San Juan in a sensitive manner and with a high degree of urgency,”

Romero said. “A better paid police force, with adequate equipment, constant training and attention to the most pressing matters, will undoubtedly result in men and women becoming even more committed to the security of our Capital City. In addition, with the salary increase and the new basic income salary, we seek to minimize the dramatic reduction that we have experienced in our strength, which has been significantly affected since salaries had not been improved for a long time.”

With the increase announced by Romero, some 274 police agents will receive a monthly pay raise of $250, or an adjustment to bring their monthly salary to $2,400, whichever is greater. Meanwhile, the other members of the municipal police force, including sergeants, lieutenants, captains, inspectors and commanders, will also receive an increase of $250.

For the second semester of the fiscal year, Romero identified the funds within the approved budget for the police as a result of reductions in payroll and other expenses. In July, the city council approved Ordinance 5, Series 2021-2022, allowing the city council to temper the regulation and management of traffic and vehicles to the provisions of the Vehicles and Transit Law of Puerto Rico.

“Before the ordinance, the fines issued by our Municipal Police did not contemplate the regulation and the income for our force was less and was not received,” the mayor said. “In addition, the contract for the digitization of fines was formalized for the issuance, processing and collection thereof, which provides for the income resulting from these fines that are currently made to reach the municipality, something that did not happen. This income is achieved with the effort and work of our police officers, and it is fair that part of it is used to improve their salary conditions.”

Romero added that “the men and women who daily risk their lives to protect the residents, visitors and the streets of San Juan, are human beings who deserve a decent salary and to be treated with the respect and attention they deserve.”

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