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San Juan municipal legislator Calderón Cerame files candidacy for House seat

San Juan municipal legislator Manuel Calderón Cerame, right, will seek to fill the San Juan District 4 seat in the island House of Representatives.

By The Star Staff

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson in the San Juan Municipal Legislature, Manuel Calderón Cerame, made official on Sunday his candidacy for representative for District 4 of San Juan at an announcement in a park in the La Cumbre urbanization.

“Today, from the community of La Cumbre, in the heart of precinct 4 of San Juan, I announce my intention to become the next representative of this district with the purpose of giving our communities more security, clean and honest government, as well as effective oversight of LUMA,” Calderón Cerame said in his announcement.

San Juan Precinct 4 begins in the community of Tortugo south of San Juan, and from south to north it passes through Canejas, Caimito, Barrio Dulce, Hillside, Corea, Los Paseos and Cupey Gardens. From east to west, it covers El Señorial, Río Piedras Heights, El Remanso, El Paraiso, El Cerezal, Sagrado Corazón, San Gerardo, Antigua Vía, Antonsanti, San Francisco, San Ignacio, Santa María, Alejandrino, Caldas and La Cumbre, also reaching Altamesa, Santiago Iglesias, Monacillos, Las Lomas, Caparra Heights, Summits Hills and Altamira. It also includes 11 public residential complexes.

The meeting was attended by the president of the PDP President Jesús Manuel Ortiz, PDP candidate for resident commissioner Pablo José Hernández, Rep. Héctor Ferrer Santiago and Sens. Juan Zaragoza Gómez and José Luis Dalmau Santiago, as well as party leaders Ivonne Lozada, Gabriel López Arrieta, Ramón Torres, Juan Luis Camacho, former PDP president Héctor Luis Acevedo and the leadership of Precinct 4.

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