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San Juan simplifies purchasing & bidding processes

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo

By The Star Staff

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo has announced measures aimed at simplifying and expanding the procurement processes within the municipal administration. Businesses and companies interested in offering goods and services through auctions can now register for free in the Capital City Bidders Register. Previously, there was a $250 registration fee for merchants and entrepreneurs. However, following the approval of municipal ordinances 5 and 7 in 2023, which were passed on Aug. 15 and Aug. 24 of this year, respectively, the registration fee has been eliminated.

The primary objective of the initiative is to strengthen and standardize the administrative structure of the capital city. It aims to provide the necessary infrastructure to acquire equipment, services, and support to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to citizens at competitive prices. Additionally, it encourages the participation of more local businesses in the bidding processes. Romero Lugo has called on merchants to take advantage of the public policy initiative by registering for the Capital City Bidders Register.

To register, interested parties can download the application from the municipal portal at Information regarding the municipal ordinances can be accessed on the municipal legislature’s portal:

Once a merchant or entrepreneur completes their registration in the Bidders Register, they receive an active certification, allowing them to participate in procurement processes for goods and services organized by the Municipality of San Juan’s Auction Board. This participation covers various aspects, such as purchases, auctions, and requests for proposals (RFPs), depending on the category they have registered for.

It is important to note that, in accordance with the regulations, any company or business that wins an auction or secures a proposal to supply goods or services to the municipal administration of San Juan must hold an active certification in the Bidders Register.

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