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San Juan to again pay employees for excess sick leave

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo

By John McPhaul

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo announced Wednesday that, for the second consecutive year, the Municipality of San Juan will be paying 1,597 municipal employees for sick leave accrued in excess.

The payment corresponds to the calendar year 2021 and is again being made to employees who have accumulated more than 90 days of sick leave.

“In compliance with our budget and current regulations, with this payment we do justice and recognize the extraordinary public service, as well as the commitment, of our municipal employees who go the extra mile every day to make San Juan a first-rate city, and stand out locally and internationally,” the mayor said. “To each of the extraordinary men and women who work in the Capital City, my thanks for being present and completely fulfilling their responsibilities. I trust this payment will be a stimulus to continue contributing to their people from the different offices and program areas of the municipality.”

Romero Lugo noted that, in January 2021, when he took the reins of the municipality, they faced a fiscal scenario that forced them to strategically and immediately implement measures to stabilize operations. Thanks to those planning efforts, in June 2021 they identified funds to make excess sick pay to those employees who qualify and have done so once again.

The mayor also announced that the child and infant care officers attached to Casa Cuna de San Juan will receive an additional monthly compensation of $600 or $300 in addition to their salary starting this month. The bonus amount is subject to the work shift assigned to the staff.

“Casa Cuna de San Juan is an extraordinary social development project that, in addition to sheltering, caring for and providing love and education, as well as physically and spiritually feeding 22 children between the ages of zero and five, operates as an adoption agency,” Romero Lugo said. “This project is a pillar of my administration and of the first lady, because we recognize the value it has for the comprehensive development of our children. For this reason, this complementary compensation for their caregivers, who are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is vital to offering the best quality services.”

Currently, Casa Cuna de San Juan has 42 caregivers whose shifts cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and who will benefit from the stipend that will apply equally to future recruits.

The minors housed in Casa Cuna de San Juan are in the custody of the state, removed from their family nucleus for mistreatment and negligence, among other causes, or handed over voluntarily by their guardians.

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