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San Juan to refurbish parks with $3.2 million investment

By John McPhaul

With an investment of $3.2 million, the municipality of San Juan will begin the reconstruction of more than 60 sports facilities and parks in 50 communities of the Capital City.

Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo announced the initiative on Sunday, specifying that the projects are part of the reconstruction plan that he has drawn up for the municipality and of his agenda to promote sports as a recreational alternative for young people and adults.

The mayor said the projects will be developed thanks to a grant of $2.4 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Small Projects program and an allocation of ordinary municipal funds.

“The personnel of the municipality of San Juan who have worked tirelessly to comply with and achieve this grant from FEMA … we are proud of this announcement because it will directly benefit the residents of San Juan and the beautification of the communities four years after the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria,” the mayor said. “We have been responsible and actively worked so that these projects can begin in the first year of my administration. With the restoration of these parks, as well as sports areas, I am also fulfilling one of my proposals in the campaign platform to return sports to the communities and establish areas so that families, our children, can recreate and share in a safe way.”

With the announcement, Romero Lugo said the bidding process for the 60 projects begins. The projects include, but are not limited to, the installation and repair of gates, lights, benches and recreational equipment, and painting, among things.

The documents for bidding on the various projects can be obtained from the Purchasing and Bids Division of the Municipal secretary’s office, located on the 15th floor of the San Juan Government Center on Carlos R. Chardón Street in Hato Rey, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The cost of the documents is $200. The compulsory orientation pre-bidding meetings are scheduled to begin on Nov. 15. Those interested in bidding must comply with all the requirements and regulations established by FEMA and the Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery.

Among the 50 communities and developments that will benefit from the projects are Borinquen Gardens, El Dorado, Cambridge Park, Parkville, Riveras de Cupey, University, Señorial Park, Villas del Lago, Crown Hill, Floral Park, Dos Pinos, Indian Park in Condado, Berwind States,, Shanghai, Jurutungo, Venezuela, Villa Clemente and El Gandúl, among others.

The works announced by Romero Lugo constitute the second phase for restoring communities and recreational areas. In September, the mayor announced an investment of some $1.8 million aimed at restoring parks and recreational areas that were damaged by Hurricane Maria.

The facilities restored in this first phase include the communities of Eduardo Conde and Highland Park, the indoor basketball courts in the El Hoyo, Valencia and Paracochero communities; the basketball court and passive park in Diez de Andino, and Nuestros Niños Park in Parcelas Falú.

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