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San Sebastián assembly to probe possible irregularities on the part of job training consortium

San Sebastián Mayor Javier D. Jiménez Pérez

By The Star Staff

The San Sebastián Municipal Assembly has approved Resolution No. 66 to investigate possible irregularities in the operations of the Northwest Consortium.

The decision was taken amid growing concerns on the part of the municipal administration of San Sebastián regarding the consortium’s operations.

The Northwest Consortium is an organization dedicated to training the workforce and encouraging job creation in the northwestern region of Puerto Rico.

A preliminary probe found that the consortium failed to use $4.4 million from the 2021 program year for training and job creation, and another $5.5 million from the 2022 program.

If the funds for the 2021 program year are not used on or before June of this year, they will be lost. Previously, the consortium lost $7.4 million as indicated by a Puerto Rico comptroller’s audit.

Additionally, the San Sebastián municipal administration is concerned about the expenses incurred in publicity and activities, which amounted to $277,905, and expenses in the development of an internet page of around $105,000.

The consortium also moved its operations to new facilities and selected the most expensive proposal.

To carry out the investigation, the Municipal Assembly created a special commission that will be in charge of closely examining the activities of the Northwest Consortium. The commission will review the financial reports, contracts, job training programs and processes for recruiting employees, among other relevant aspects.

The investigation is expected to be thorough and rigorous so as to obtain a clear understanding of the operations of the consortium. The Municipal Assembly also is calling for the active participation of the community in the investigation process, encouraging citizens to present any information or relevant concern they may have about the operations of the Northwest Consortium.

San Sebastián Mayor Javier D. Jiménez Pérez stressed the importance of guaranteeing that the Northwest Consortium is fulfilling its mission adequately and transparently.

“As representatives of our people, we have to ensure that the organizations that operate in our city are working for the benefit of our citizens and meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability,” the mayor said.

The results of the investigation are expected to be shared with the public once it is complete.

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Rose Rose
Rose Rose
Apr 27, 2023

After careful review Northwest Consortium did the right thing.

Rose Rose
Rose Rose
Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

NorthWest Consortium thank you for being as transparent as you could be in exposing the kleptomaniacs of San Sebastián.

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