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San Sebastián mayor leaves NPP

San Sebastián Mayor Javier Jiménez Pérez

By The Star Staff

San Sebastián Mayor Javier Jiménez Pérez made his disaffiliation from the New Progressive Party (NPP) official on Monday.

The mayor had announced he would leave the NPP and that in 2024 he would not run for reelection. He did not close the doors to seeking other political posts under the banner of another political party, such as the Dignity Project.

“I at this moment present my immediate resignation from all the positions I hold within the New Progressive Party,” Jiménez Pérez said in a letter addressed to Pedro Pierluisi, as president of the NPP, dated Sept. 25.

“This communication serves as the basis for my disaffiliation from the NPP,” the mayor said. The letter was copied to NPP Secretary General Hiram Torres Montalvo.

Jiménez Pérez will continue working for the city as an independent mayor. He resigned from the presidency of the NPP in San Sebastián.

The mayor has harshly criticized Pierluisi’s administration, pointing out that the party “moved away from its roots and ideals.”

He also highlighted in the letter sent to the governor that “today the philosophy of government and lack of respect for its citizens is similar to that of Popular Democratic Party governments.”

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