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SEC: No answers yet from Dominion on electronic vote counting breakdown

State Elections Commission Alternate Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera

By The Star Staff

State Elections Commission (SEC) Alternate Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera could offer no concrete answers on Tuesday that would explain why the electronic counting machines provided by the Dominion company malfunctioned in the transmission of data during the island’s primary elections on June 2.

She noted that the report that the Dominion company must provide has not been delivered; therefore, the SEC does not know specifically what happened.

“We are going to receive the answer in the report that we demanded for today,” Padilla Rivera said in response to questions at a press conference. “Because Dominion asked us for 24 to 48 hours, which has already happened. They asked us until this morning, [to wait longer for] a report that did not arrive. And our response was that we demand that the report arrive today. We cannot continue waiting.”

Asked if the SEC’s legal team is evaluating the contract with Dominion, Padilla Rivera replied: “They continue to evaluate it.”

“What happens is that this decision is not made by my legal team,” she added. “That decision is made by the Commission.”

“We are officially waiting for them to send us in writing what was previously discussed in this week’s meeting,” Padilla Rivera continued. “The State Elections Commission has a plan to follow. They confirm that the issue of scheduling has been resolved and that in a future election there will be no errors in the transmission of results. We are not going to believe it by faith; we have to evaluate it. It has been agreed at the commission meeting to create an environment of evidence to corroborate and confirm that the situation is indeed resolved.”

“[They say] the report will give more concrete answers than those we demand, expect and ask for,” the official said. “In addition to that, the State Elections Commission is being proactive to evaluate that in effect, what they say they resolved, is resolved.”

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