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Seldom seen mayor of Trujillo Alto meets with muni legislators

By The Star Staff

Trujillo Alto municipal legislator Gabriel Pérez said that on Tuesday afternoon a meeting took place with Mayor José Luis Cruz Cruz and municipal legislators from the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), but a discussion did not take place about the implications for Trujillo Alto of a federal investigation of island mayors that earlier this week produced two more arrests on corruption charges followed by resignations.

“My colleagues tell me that what I want to ask about and the people want to ask, he [the mayor] cannot talk about that,” Pérez added, referring to press reports that suggest that the mayor is being or has been investigated by federal authorities.

Pérez said that at the party level in Trujillo Alto, a decision will have to be made given the inactivity of the mayor due to the alleged investigation, and the leadership of the party not doing anything either.

“It will have to be spontaneous, from the people,” the legislator said. “If it has to be yours truly, then I’m going to call a meeting of the leadership in Trujillo Alto. I’m going to be looking for a place where we can all see each other, because we can’t continue with this uncertainty. We’ve been going like this for two months and it can’t take any more time. If in the game at the central level there is not going to be action, then we are going to have to take charge and we are going to have to meet.”

After the arrest of Deputy Mayor Radamés Benítez in December for alleged public corruption, Cruz has not been seen at the Mayor’s Office, Pérez said, nor has he been available to PDP leaders who have tried to reach him.

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