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Senate candidate calls on Senate leader to confirm Education secretary

Dr. Marcos Fabián González Barreto (Facebook photo)

By The Star Staff

Dr. Marcos Fabián González Barreto, a New Progressive Party candidate for the Senate in 2024, called on Senate President José Luis Dalmau Santiago on Thursday to “put aside the ‘cheap politicking,’ which so many of our citizens condemn on a daily basis, and attend to the appointment of Secretary of the Department of Education Dr. Yanira I. Raíces Vega, who has all the requirements necessary for her to occupy such an important seat permanently.”

“It is time for the Puerto Rico Senate to tighten its belt and work promptly and seriously,” the candidate said. “Thus we call on the upper chamber to consider and act on the appointment of the secretary of the DE, Yanira I. Raíces Vega.”

“While it is true that she has the endorsement of the senators of the New Progressive Party (NPP), in order to be confirmed, it is also true that she also has the blessing of leaders of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), including the mayor of the Municipality of Loíza, Julia M. Nazario Fuentes, the mayor of the Municipality of Comerío, Josean Santiago, and the mayor of the Municipality of Juana Díaz, Ramón ‘Ramoncito’ Hernández Torres,” González Barreto said.

“There is no reason why Raíces Vega should not be confirmed,” he said. “Sadly, the government of Pedro Pierluisi, throughout the current four-year term, has tried, unsuccessfully, to confirm several secretaries of the DE. … At this point, that is, only a year and a half before the end of the four-year term, we don’t have a confirmed secretary yet. That’s a disgrace!”

“As long as we don’t have it, the recovery process of our schools and the educational plan for our children will be halted,” the candidate added. “It’s time for them to … work for the good of Puerto Rico. … They continue to play cheap politics!”

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