Senate president denies lobbying on sister-in-law’s behalf for judiciary seat

By John McPhaul

Senate President José Luis Dalmau Santiago on Wednesday denied accusations that he made arrangements to help his sister-in-law, Ingrid Alvarado Rodríguez, secure a higher position as a Superior Court judge.

Alvarado Rodríguez was the presiding municipal judge in the case of Andrea Ruiz Costas, who was killed by her ex-partner on April 29.

“This is a decision that the Judicial Branch is carrying out and I respect the separation of powers between the two branches,” Dalmau Santiago said upon his arrival at La Fortaleza to participate in a weekly meeting with Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia.

Alvarado Rodríguez found no cause for arrest in March against Miguel Ocasio Santiago for harassing Ruiz Costas. A month later, Ocasio Santiago killed Ruiz Costas. He confessed to the crime three days later.

As a result of the heavy media coverage of the Ruiz Costas case, other women who have supposedly received similar treatment by the judge in the Caguas Court have come out to tell their stories.

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